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Unorthodox Approaches to Radiation Protection

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Here is an account of the inception of the below essay:

Unorthodox Approaches to Radiation Protection


A hot summer day in 1980. I’d spent much of it outdoors on our forty wild acres near Kingston, Arkansas. Now I stood meditatively inside our little hexagonal cabin, when suddenly, a group of figures composed of white light appeared within the field of white light which vibrated in and around me. I heard this unexpected message coming from them: “You could work on a book about natural means of protecting people from radiation if you want to.“

The wording of the message was completely respectful of my free will. The sacredness and clarity of the moment was so memorable that I recalled it several weeks later when Steven Schechter, N.D., a naturopathic physician, showed up on our land unannounced. He told me that he iwa just beginning research on a pamphlet about natural means of protecting the body from ionizing radiation. We ended up working together for over seven years on what was finally published in 1988 as a full-length book titled Fighting Radiation with Foods, Herbs, and Vitamins. It appeared in two more editions over the next several years, further expanded by Steven, the primary author, to include some information about counteracting the effects of chemical pollutants.

In an appendix to the book, we included a shortened version of a longer essay I wrote in 1987, “Unorthodox Approaches to Radiation Protection Deserving of Further Research.” I share this very speculative essay here with hopes that folks more knowledgeable and sophisticated than I about topics like radiation protection, alternative healing modalities, and bioremediation (via fungal mycelia and bacterial microorganisms) will see it and find it stimulating and suggestive of further approaches that might benefit human and environmental health.

The essay begins:


Unorthodox Approaches to Radiation Protection Deserving Further Research

1987 by Geoffrey Oelsner


While collecting data on radiation protection, we came upon a number of unorthodox, speculative approaches to the subject which might further a shift toward more holistic research and treatment in this field.(1) We found that research with promising implications for radioprotection had been done by experts in areas of study as varied as allopathic medicine, naturopathy, crystallography, homeopathy, bacteriology, parapsychology, and psychoneuroimmunology (the study of how emotional and mental attitude affect the immune system). The following survey presents those research findings which we consider to have the most potential for radioprotection.

The New Physics and the Field of Life

In this century, the physicists’ view of the universe has come increasingly into accord with that of the mystic. Einstein’s Unified Field Theory describes a universe in which all matter is actually an indivisible energy field, an enfolded wholeness, which Nobel physicist David Bohm has termed the “Implicate Order”. In Bohm’s estimation, the mind-set of the scientific experimenter must always be considered as a variable which affects the experiment. In fact any thought-wave must have an effect on the quantum fields which compose the material plane, because ultimately, the entire Universe (with all its “particles” including those constituting human beings, their laboratories, observing instruments, etc.) has to be understood as a single undivided whole, in which separate and independently existent parts have no fundamental status.(2) Recent medical research tends to confirm the physicists’ theory of “enfolded” fields, and offers us some information on how various fields may interact to foster human development and healing.

Neuroanatomists have observed that the electrical paths of the nerves seem to develop before the nerve tissue itself. These protoneuronal pathways seem to function as ferro-magnetic channels which orient the energies flowing through them and assist in building up nerve tissues that grow within them.(3) These channels, taken together with all other bioelectric factors of the body, form a natural energy field, which Yale researcher Dr. Harold Saxton Burr has called the Field of Life, or L-Field.(4) This same field appears to have been photographed around human subjects by the Kirlian process developed in Russia.(5)

Burr’s experiments indicate that changes occur concomitantly in the human energy field and body. He found that changes in the L-Field could be reliably used to prediagnose physical disorders. There are a number of healing approaches now being developed which focus on the interaction of this L-Field with the body, and on the ways that both natural and artificially produced fields can strengthen the body to promote good health.

Some experimenters have exposed subjects with radiation sickness to mechanically induced electromagnetic (EM) fields in order to effect normalization. One study, “Magnetic Fields and the Number of Blood Platelets”, states that a beneficial effect was obtained in mice radiation syndromes by exposure to magnetic fields before irradiating. This may have been due to an increase number of platelets in the circulating blood after the magnetic exposure. an increase of blood platelets (thrombocytes) was thought to be responsible for the reduced death rate from intestinal hemorrhages in the irradiated mice.(6)

Robert Becker, M.D., Veterans Administration Hospital, Syracuse, relates in his book The Body Electric how treatment with the correct EM frequencies can regenerate human nerve, muscle, and other cell tissues.(7 ) Russian researcher A. S. Presmann has exposed people with tumors and radiation sickness to artificial EM fields with some salutary results. However, he and Becker both found that relatively weak EM fields can disturb human regulatory functions.(8) Other studies indicate that our human energy fields can influence each other in ways that may provide a safer, more natural mode of healing than interaction with artificially produced fields.

Delores Kreiger, Ph.D., R.N., of the New York University School of Nursing, and her colleagues have developed an interactive system of healing similar to the traditional spiritual healing practice of laying on of hands. Called Therapeutic Touch (T.T.), it has been documented in a number of experiments to raise hemoglobin and hematocrit levels in the blood, help premature babies gain weight more quickly reduce pain and stress, and accelerate healing of a wide variety of diseases.(9)

Therapeutic Touch is on the curriculum of over thirty schools of nursing in the U.S. and is practiced in twenty-six other countries. In a 1984 study, T.T. treatments reportedly reduced nausea and other side effects in about thirty cancer patients receiving radiotherapy or chemotherapy. When patients were taught a procedure involving visualization of a deep royal blue, the T.T. treatments were even more successful.(10)

Some of the most intriguing laboratory experiments with the laying on of hands may also have implications for protection from chemical toxins. Elizabeth Raucher, a physicist / parapsychologist, and Beverly Rubic, a biochemist, both of John F. Kennedy University in Martinez, California, asked well-known spiritual healer Mrs. Olga Worrall to lay her hands over bell jars containing Salmonella Trythimurium bacteria which had been exposed to lethal amounts of phenol, and other chemical bactericides used for research. Fifteen percent of the bacteria were still in motion after twelve minutes. In six years of previous studies, and in control experiments using the same bacteria and poisons without a healer, all the microorganisms were always immobilized within 2 – 3 minutes.(11)

Nature Cures – Air, Water and Earth

Nature cures, like spiritual healing practices, are part of an age-old body of traditional healing knowledge which may offer some protection from the modern problems of radiation and chemical toxins. Interesting experiments have been conducted on the radioprotective value of beneficial negative air ions, clinical hydrotherapy, natural hot springs, clay treatments, and the radioprotective potential of quartz crystals. Just as our human energies may interact to catalyze physical healing, so also natural substances may help hasten recovery from radiation-related damage.

Negative air ions are produced by natural atmosphere changes and can also be generated in plenty by mechanical means. Clinicians at hospitals in Israel, Hungary, Switzerland, and other countries have employed negative ion generators to successfully ease the breathing of patients with a range of respiratory problems. High concentrations of negative air ions have been shown in the laboratory to help neutralize damage to the cilia of the lungs caused by many kinds of atmospheric contaminants, including radioactive cigarette smoke.(12) Negative ions fortify health by helping the body and its cells assimilate more life-giving oxygen and by improving blood circulation.

The use of high concentrations of negative air ions merits further attention as an aid to the treatment and prevention of overexposure to radiation. The results of a Russian study, “On the Prevention Action of Aero-Ionization in Acute Radiation Sickness”, suggest that the oxygen-enhancing properties of negative air ions could help the body to repair and resist cellular injury from radiation. The authors conclude that, “negative aero-ionization may prevent radiation injury in lethal gamma irradiated animals.”(13)

The use of hydrotherapy (treatments using water) in combination with EM fields was shown to improve peripheral blood circulation in the treatment of Russian patients who had been chronically exposed to ionizing radiation. (14)

Hot mineral springs have long been known to have drawing and soothing effects. Health-preserving effects of hot spring hydrotherapy were examined in twenty Japanese farmers from villages near Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The men, ate 60 – 82 years, came periodically to a mountain spring for a “cure”. They were examined there by researchers from Kyushu University for measurable changes in physical strength before, during, and after the hot spring therapy. Improvement in physical strength was observed in about half of the patients. No other treatments were given concurrently. (15)

Treatments with clay are part of the ancient repertoire of natural healing, and are important in natural skin care still today. Montmorillonite is a clay mineral found by itself and in bentonite clay. Monmorillonite binds easily with many substances, and is capable of drawing them out of the skin. It is sometimes taken internally to bind with fecal impactions in the colon, where it prompts their smooth elimination. Pure montmorillonite must be used internally because the bentonite’s silicate mica composition can irritate and clog the colon.

The superior value of montmorillonite in bentonite clay for treating burns, lesions, and abrasions was first noted in the U.S. by Dr. John Hauser of M.I.T. He discovered its curative uses among native people in the Yucatan and shipped quantities of bentonite to his laboratory at M.I.T., where he isolated montmorillonite as the active ingredient and tested its ability to draw invasive substances from the skin, reduce pain, cool, disinfect, and aid in the regeneration of cell tissue.

Dr. Hauser supplied Boston hospitals with clay for burn victims of the Coconut Grove nightclub fire in 1942, a disaster in which three hundred people died and many more were severely burned. Wet packs of the clay 3/8″ – 1/2″ thick were directly applied over the burns each morning and evening until they had healed completely. Patients reported that their pain diminished substantially one-half hour after the first application was made. More recently, Russian nuclear plant workers have benefited from bentonite clay packs placed on the skin at sites of radiation exposure. (16)

Another mineral, quartz crystal, has recently been widely touted as a healing agent. The quartz molecule (silicon dioxide, or SiO2) is a triangular arrangement of one silicon and two oxygen atoms. Sand and granite are composed mostly of quartz. In its pure state, quartz molecules join in an orderly undeviating lattice structure to form hexagonal crystals of great beauty.

Crystals possess a property known as the piezoelectric effect which means that they generate a minute electrical charge when compressed. When a crystal has been charged, it oscillates at a set rate, thus keeping electronic devices on frequency and watches on correct time. That accounts for the use of crystals in radios, televisions, telephones, computers, satellite communications equipment, and VCR’s.

Research chemist/crystallographer Marcel Vogel, Ph.D., retired from IBM after accumulating over one hundred patents during twenty-seven years of pioneering innovations in magnetics, opto-electrical devices, and liquid crystal systems. Since leaving IBM, he has formed a nonprofit corporation to study the healing qualities of crystals. IBM, Stanford University, and the Arthritis Foundation have donated scientific instruments to his laboratory to aid him in his aim “to prove that science and metaphysics are intrinsically compatible”.

Dr. Vogel has recently exposed smoky quartz to X-radiation and polonium radioisotopes in the laboratory. By measuring radioactivity in the crystals before and after exposure, he claims to have evidence that the smoky quartz absorbs radiation. He reports that he has found a safe physical means of subsequently “emptying” the crystal of radiation in order to further reduce radiation in the laboratory environment. Specifics of this ongoing research are proprietary, but Dr. Vogel told us that they would appear in a future issue of his Psychic Research, Inc. (PSI) newsletter. (17)

X-rays have relatively short wavelengths and relatively high frequencies without mass, similar to the gamma rays emitted by radioactive elements. X-rays and gamma rays normally penetrate through almost all substances, except lead and thick concrete barriers. In 1912 German scientists (Von Laue et al.) found that clear quartz crystals penetrated by X-rays totally scattered the X-ray beam without absorption. (18)However, Dr. Vogel’s initial research suggests that specially treated, artificially recut and polished smoky quartz crystals may retain X-radiation, or the gamma rays from polonium. If this is so, it would be completely unexpected in terms of current scientific knowledge.

Dr. Vogel, and other researchers we have spoken with, think it possible that crystals may actually attract (instead of merely passively receive) some form of radiation. This is all speculation at the present time. Whether crystals can really attract, retain, alter, or transform radiation in any form is not yet known.

Georges Lakhovsky’s Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO)

In 1931, Russian engineer Georges Lakhovsky invented the Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO), an electronic healing machine. In response to his initial findings on the relationship between terrestrial radiation sources, cellular dysfunction, and cancer, he developed the MWO to utilize the principle resonance in order to heal the body at a cellular level.

The MWO sets up a wide range of vibration between its two antennae. It generates an electrostatic field of wavelengths from ten centimeters to four hundred meters. The frequency of this field ranges from 750,000 to three billion hertz (or vibratory cycles per second). In addition, each ring of the coiled antennae emits numerous harmonics and interference waves, which together with the MWO’s fundamental wavelengths create an oscillating field that extends as far as the infrared and visible light regions (one to three hundred trillion vibrations per second). In this field, each cell allegedly can find its own frequency and vibrate in resonance.

The theory behind the MWO is that each cell in the body contains chromatid (chromosomal) filaments which vibrate like an oscillating circuit with properties of inductance and capacity. Shortwave therapy like X-rays and radium can cause serious burns and create oscillatory disturbances in the chromatid filaments, hampering their role in normal cell growth and division. Because all the radiations the MWO produces are long enough in wavelength, they do not overheat or burn cell tissues. They appear to restore oscillatory equilibrium to the chromatid filaments via resonance in order to normalize cell growth and mitosis.

In a report on the MWO, Nicholas Gentile, M.D., Chief Radiologist of the Clinic for Incurables of the Apostolic Ladies of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Rome, noted marked analgesic effects, benefits to the central nervous system, “a resolving effect on inflammatory processes” of many kinds, and impressive benefits in cases of metabolistic and cardiovascular disorders. No negative side effects were noticed after treatment, except with several patients suffering from cardiac asthma. (19)

One of the first patients to be treated with the MWO had developed a cancerous ulcer on her face where she had been treated with X-rays for a facial lesion twenty-three years previously. After about two months of treatments lasting fifteen minutes each at the Hospital St. Louis, Paris, the patient was left with only a clean scar, which showed no trace of induration (hardening).

Another patient was treated with the MWO after receiving a severe burn lesion on his finger from a radiation treatment for wart removal. Professor Sven Johansson saw the patient for some months at a hospital clinic in Goeteborg, Sweden, and reported the radium burn healed and the mobility of the finger largely restored. Before-after photographs of the above two cases can be seen in Lakhovsky’s major book about the MWO. (20)

Beginning with France in the early 1930’s, the MWO was used in hospitals in most European countries to successfully treat cancer, chronic bronchitis, and many other problems including radiation-related ones. A prominent anti-Nazi, Lakhovsky fled to New York after the German occupation of Paris in 1941. His MWO did not attract widespread attention, though the physiotherapy department of a large New York hospital used it with good results, and a surgeon in Brooklyn treated hundreds of patients with it to safely arrest bodily disturbances unresponsive to all other treatments. Anticipating censure from the medical establishment, the surgeon would not reveal his name with his written testimonies. After Georges Lakhovsky died in New York in 1943, the government restricted legal possession of the MWO to experimental use. It has remained untested and unused, bypassed by the U.S. medical establishment until recently, when a group of medical researchers in Kansas City and Phoenix, Arizona, sent members to interview Georges Lakhovsky’s son and subsequently began experiments to evaluate the MWO. (21)


Homeopathy, a modality of healing discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, might also be fruitfully applied to research in this field. Homeopathy became very popular in nineteenth century Europe, America, and India because of its exceptional success during the epidemics of that time. As late as 1900, about 25% of all urban american physicians were homeopaths. There were twenty-two homeopathic medical schools and over one hundred homeopathic hospitals. Homeopathy’s popularity diminished in America after the AMA conducted a prolonged campaign to discredit it. The practice of homeopathy is presently largest in India, Great Britain, France, Greece, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, and Russia. (22)

Homeopathy works on the principle of “Like cures like”. In its Materia Medica are substances which produce disease symptoms in healthy persons, but which can act as remedies for the some symptoms in the event of illness. When taken in minute dosages specified by a qualified practitioner, homeopathic remedies counter disease by activating the body’s defensive mechanisms.

Rokan-K is a radioprotectorant developed by Schwabbe, a West German manufacturer of homeopathic remedies. It is a combination of Nux Vomica (traditionally given by homeopaths for stomach disorders, nervous troubles, vomiting, and as an antidote to toxic chemicals, alcohol, and drugs) with an extract of oats and grains in a vitamin-rich medium. A series of experiments with eighty German patients proved the beneficial effects of this preparation in treating radiation sickness. There were “no detrimental side effects”. Testing did not reveal any alteration in the blood’s protein fraction, as expected after irradiation. (23)

Correspondence with several journals and clearinghouses of homeopathic research revealed no further information on established radioprotective remedies. However, Richard Moskowitz, M.D., a physician practicing homeopathic and allopathic medicine in Brookline, Massachusetts, suggested to us in correspondence that certain homeopathic preparations derived from radioactive elements or radiant energy processes be investigated. Dr. Moskowitz thinks that the remedies X-ray, Uranium Nitricum, and Radium might be relevant to the radiation problem, ” insofar as they can reproduce and therefore cure some of the symptoms of exposure”. Moskowitz advised that researchers study the “symptom-pictures” of these three remedies, in addition to those of the well-known “polychrest” (from a Greek word meaning “many uses”) remedies. He cautioned our readers against taking these or any other homeopathic preparations without consulting a licensed homeopathic physician. (24)

Samuel Hahnemann believed that there are three basic “miasmas”, or underlying pervasive causes of all chronic diseases. In the 1880’s, certain homeopaths debated that tuberculosis was a fourth inherited miasma. Now, some practitioners have added radiation and petrochemicals miasmas to this list, and homeopaths are currently researching a number of approaches to protection from radiation and chemical toxins. (25)

Other homeopathic-type preparations which may be useful in cases of radiation damage are the biochemical tissue salts. In 1873, W.H. Schuessler, M.D., isolated inorganic mineral salts in human blood cells and intercellular fluid. These mineral elements are factors in the elimination of waste and worn-out cell products. Any imbalance or deficiency of these salts weakens cellular metabolism. The other cells of the body tissues attract these mineral substances from the blood to meet their particular nutritional needs. Thus, they are called the “tissue salts”. Each of the twelve salts has a biochemical name denoting its separate minerals in tissue salt form.

Schuessler studied the symptoms of a great many patients and found which minerals they lacked. He found that by giving the proper salts, he could accelerate the body’s self-healing process. The correct dosages are given in minute, easily assimilable concentrations of the minerals, which are homeopathically potentized to different dilutions by “trituration” (being crushed and spread out) to various degrees in a neutral medium of pure mild sugar, to make small tablets about twice as thick as the head of a pin. There are a few contraindications to the use of certain salts. They have proven to be helpful for many maladies, including radiation sickness, when prescribed by experienced homeopaths and other physicians.

Australian nutritionist and naturopath Mira Louise first reported on the efficacy of tissue salts for treatment of radiation sickness from nuclear test fallout in the Pacific. Her glowing claims for them deserve to be tested and evaluated.

In 1957, Louise began using the salts to cure her patients’ symptoms after their exposure to radioactive fallout from nuclear tests in the Pacific. Among other sumptuous, she noted fatigue, weakness, breathlessness, light-headedness and vertigo, dimming vision, headaches, falling hair, skin rashes, parched skin, bone disorders, mental confusion, and impaired memory. She analyzed patients’ blood to check for deficiencies, then prescribed the necessary tissue salts. Many patients recovered from their symptoms in a matter of hours or days; others with more severe symptoms felt some relief in a short time but took six weeks to three months to feel well again. The tissue salts along with dietary changes produced recovery in most of Louise’s patients after their exposure to fallout containing strontium 90 and other radioactive particles. (26) We are left wondering how much the dietary changes alone contributed to recovery, independent of any benefits from the tissue salts.

Bacteria and Radiation

Certain species of bacteria may provide exceptional protection from ionizing radiation. These species, Radiodurans, Radiokevrans, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and others, can live in various radioactive environments, including plutonium and even reactor cores. This is due to natural chelating agents which allow them to metabolize certain radioactive substances.

Bacteria are tiny biochemical laborers. A group of bacteria big enough to be seen can contain millions of individual microbes. They reproduce by growing until they are large enough to split in two. Bacteria break down dead plant and animal matter by means of enzymatic proteins which metabolize nutrient molecules. Bacteria often live symbiotically with other creatures, as harmful or helpful parasites. Some kinds live on our skin; intestinal varieties are necessary for food digestion. Some bacteria can metabolize more than a hundred kinds of chemicals. (27)

Edible yeast bacteria (see Yeast, Chapter ____) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa have been compared for their ability to accumulate and absorb uranium. The latter species is far superior. (28) Eugene Premuzic, Ph.D., and other have been researching bacterial species that grow in radioactive environments so as to isolate and apply their chelating powers to human and environmental radiation protection. Dr. Premuzic, working at the federal Brookhaven National Laboratory in Massachusetts, told us in 1984 that his findings since about 1981 on natural chelatants in bacteria have been “tremendously promising”. He was critical of the attempts of chemists to derive synthetic protectants while overlooking natural ones. (29)

Researchers have tested many natural chelating agents in plutonium therapy. These include ascorbic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, the amino acids cysteine and methionine, and nicotinic acid. (30) Dr. Premuzic predicted that natural chelating agents would attract wider interest as research with bacteria continues. His own tests with non-pathogenic varieties of Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria since 1984 seem to confirm their value and long-term safety as remedies after exposure to certain radioactive elements. (31)

Many species of Pseudomonas are pathogenic. They are a problem in hospital environments, where they develop a high resistance to antibiotics. Non-pathogenic varieties are abundant in certain soils, but this would not be a significant dietary factor for those eating fruits and vegetables grown in these soils.

Dr. Premuzic is isolating the natural chelating products that P. aeruginosa strains produce in the presence of radiation and some toxic metals. He postulates that eventually an extract of these natural chelating products could be taken orally by humans after exposure to plutonium and other radioactive contaminants. At this stage, however, his research focuses on the biochemical effects of these chelating agents on mice which have been exposed to various kinds of radiation. Studies to date (1987) indicate that the bacteria’s effects are non-toxic. It is very efficient for treatment of heavy metal contamination, compared with already verified agents for treatment used in other animal experiments. (32)

In an important paper, Dr. Premuzic and associates note that:

Pseudomas aeruginosa species are resistant to some heavy metals, and can live in thorium, uranium, and plutonium contaminated environments. 10, 100, and 1000 ppm (parts per million) of uranium and thorium salts added to Pseudomonas cultures slowed the growth of the culture medium. Actual reductions in growth occured only at concentrations of 1000ppm or higher.Uranium inhibited growth more than thorium. Subsequent analyses of the cultures revealed that the bacteria produced several new chelating agents for thorium and uranium. (33)

These new chelating agents somewhat resemble chelatants found in iron which enhance its solubility and bioavailability in the environment. These agents, and the byproducts of other highly adaptive bacteria, may eventually be used to enhance the dissolution, mobility, and elimination of radioactive thorium, uranium, plutonium, and other heavy metals in the treatment of people or at waste disposal sites. (34)

Parapsychology and the Powers Within Us

The information we are receiving from parapsychological research about the potentials of the human mind may contribute to a major paradigm shift in many fields at once. Like the new physicists, parapsychologists have recently entered the realm of the medicine man and the mystic in order to understand the implications of such data for their subject. Researchers into radiation protection may be able to use this new information to gain an understanding of how human consciousness affects the status of radioactive isotopes in the laboratory, the body, and the biosphere.

In 1965, the French parapsychologists Chauvin and Genthon experimented with children who had demonstrated high levels of telekinetic ability. In a series of tests, their young subjects were able to accelerate and slow down the decay rate of a uranium sample. (35) Experiments conducted at Princeton University in 1984 with a Random Effects Generator (REG) also support the hypothesis that random quantum processes of radioactive decay can be affected telekinetically. (36)

The parapsychologist Helmut Schmidt has conducted a number of carefully designed experiments in which psychically-endowed subjects predicted random quantum processes correctly at a rate thousands of times higher than the odds of chance. (37)

We are conditioned to think of all human attempts to affect matter as dependent on physical effort. However, it is possible that the ability to “attune” to atomic and subatomic levels that Schmidt noted in his best subjects is even more basic than extraordinary psychic force.

The writings of mystics and seers like Dr. Rudolf Steiner and the French Jesuit and paleontologist Teilhard de Chardin convey a reverent perception of our oneness with all the energies of life, including the energies of the atom. Deep recognition of this oneness, which Bohm calls the Implicate Order, could be the key to influencing nuclear energies, rather than any attempt to mentally manipulate or control them (which posits a separation between those energies and the consciousness of the “controller”).

The above parapsychological data remains very speculative at this time. In presenting this information we do not wish to suggest that one may rely upon one’s consciousness for protection against radioactive bombardment. This is uncharted territory at present.

To Purify and Protect

Many people and groups today are trying to develop high levels of awareness and vitality, to help them remain healthy during the present ecological crisis. Some of these people and groups are working with methods of purification such as Indian yogic practices, Native American sweat lodges, dietary practices, and wheatgrass therapy. (38) Communities like the Findhorn Community in Scotland, the Sufi community Abode of the Message in New York State, Odiyan Buddhist Community in California, and Sathya Sai Baba’s community Prasanti Nilayam in India are focusing on personal and group transformation (39) through the cultivation of a deep spiritual attunement in the midst of all life’s activities.

British epidemiologist Alice Stewart studied the death rate of survivors of the 1945 Hiroshima blast. She found that their death rate for certain diseases not related to radiation was lower than that of the general populace. Stewart believes the robustness of the “healthy survivor” to be a neglected variable in understanding the effects of fallout on different people. Those with strong constitutions may respond very differently to the same dosage of radiation that kills weaker individuals. Her “healthy survivor” theory validates the potential worth of any effort to increase physical vitality in the face of environmental contamination. (40)

The work of radiologist O. Carl Simonton, M.D., Ernest Lawrence Rossi, Ph.D., Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., and others in the infant field of psychoneuroimmunology suggests that immunological resistance can be strengthened by visualization practices, hypnotherapy, and attitudinal changes. Cancer patients receiving radiation, chemotherapy, or nutritionally oriented treatments have experienced accelerated improvements and cure after practicing Simonton’s technique.

The patient begins with a progressive relaxation exercise (similar to practices pioneered by Edmund Jacobson, M.D.), and goes on to visualize in a personally meaningful symbolic way healthy cells ousting and replacing the cancerous ones. Simonton has observed that visualization accelerates cure and can reduce side effects from concurrent treatments with radiation or chemotherapy, as Therapeutic Touch practitioners have also noted. (41)

Similar positive results have been obtained with cancer patients by the practice of Chi Kung (lit. “breath work”), a traditional Chinese system of self-care and healing which combines visualization with movement, breathing, and vocalization. Harvard Medical School professor David Eisenberg, M.D., has written about the astounding cases of anesthesia and healing he saw demonstrated by Chi Kung masters (some of whom were also physicians) on his visit to China. (42) The entire world of traditional healing knowledge beckons to researchers in the field of psychoneuroimmunology today.


The cross-pollination of knowledge from these and other areas of learning may eventually result in the blossoming of new ways to maintain and regain our health in this nuclear age. The approaches discussed in this survey need to be rigorously tested. We consider the most promising areas for further study to include bacterial chelatants, homeopathy, naturopathic cures, various forms of interactive field healing/spiritual healing , and possibly the Multiple Wave Oscillator.

Any of these approaches alone might be developed to provide therapeutic protection from damaging radiation or chemical contaminants. However, our only lasting protection can come from a collective change of heart. If we are going to eliminate the sources of radiation and the silent spring of environmental contamination, we must accede to a life closer to the heart of nature, a less exploitive, more cooperative lifestyle. This change can come about if we love one another and our world enough to keep working for it.


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