Attunements For the Earth

Book overview:

This ebook is about attunement — our largely untapped capacity for receptivity and refined intuition. It begins with a series of letters that introduce readers to the Findhorn Community in Scotland and my experience of learning the practice of attunement there. These letters offer poetry writing prompts and exercises to heighten awareness of the natural world. They include descriptions of several groundbreaking regenerative approaches to climate change mitigation I’ve supported during the past decade.

The ebook format makes it possible to include audio files of my performances of songs I’ve written, along with their lyrics. Attunements for the Earth also features accounts of some of my experiences of attunement, and a selection of my poems for our planet. 

The ebook is a collaborative work that includes a pioneering scientific study regarding the role of intuition in informing climate science, initiated by me and conducted and written by neuroscientist and parapsychologist Julia Mossbridge, PhD. It’s brightened throughout by Leslie Oelsner’s nature photographs and works by the late Kansas landscape artist Robert Sudlow.

Attunements for the Earth was written (and sung!) to inspire readers to practice their own attunements and step forward into more conscious relationships with the sentient energies of Nature. Such relationships can contribute to environmental harmony right now, and may help downscale our climatic predicament in days to come.

Please Touch the Earth with Love,

Geoffrey Oelsner


At a time when the earth is burning, flooding, storming, and upending our sense of normality, Geoff's book offers a chance to step back, step in, and drop down into calm and attunement to the living spirit of the world. There we find opportunities of partnership and insight that can allow us to meet this historical moment with strength and creativity rather than with despair and helplessness. Geoff's songs, poems, reports, and wisdom speak to the power and love within us to make a difference, discovering within ourselves the song of the whole earth. This is a book to treasure.

David SpanglerSpiritual Philosopher

Empowering!!!! I have long been huge fans of Geoff's poetry, prose and music. We need more environmental super heroes in the world right now and he is one of them. Geoff and his wife Leslie have created a gem with this offering and it is monumental. I keep a copy by my bedside and read a bit every night to inspire and bring me peaceful dreams.

Kelly V. MulhollanMusician

The quality of the format sets your poems off with the dignity and spare elegance they deserve. I am touched by the gentle quality of your voice nudging towards necessarily difficult depths. A very unique combination, especially in these times.

I’ll be well armed with your mellow presence against the storm of the times we are in and those that are up ahead. The more of your kind of mature bearing is in the air, the better off we all will be.

Chris FisetPoet from Seattle, WA

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