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Toward the Marriage of Science and Intuition

By Featured

The  Psi-Sci Alliance Project  (furthering collaboration between psychics and scientists to advance climate change research and mitigation) I am an American author and researcher with a lifelong interest in meditation and parapsychology. For many years an environmental activist, in recent years I’ve been involved in climate change amelioration work, both regionally and on a larger scale. Since 2011, I have collaborated with scientists and gifted intuitives in an extended dialogue intended to upgrade several innovative approaches to climate change mitigation. I am not associated with any research facility or group, although articles and notices about the Psi-Sci  Alliance project have been published in the bulletins of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, the Society for Scientific Exploration, the Monroe Institute, and in the International Journal of Healing and Caring. Over the past 7 years, I have worked supportively with a handful of scientists, agriculturalists and inventors focused on mitigating climate change, in collaboration with the remote viewer Joseph McMoneagle and more recently with some of Joseph’s colleagues from the Star Gate remote viewing program, the remote viewer Angela Ford and psychologist/remote viewer Nevin Lantz.  I am also engaged in extensive collaborative work through regular sessions with two mediums, one in the U.S. and one in the U.K., both of whom are bringing through the same team of researchers from the other side, some of whose prior communications via mediumistic sessions have been documented over the past century. My purpose in all this is to accomplish a shift toward increased collaboration between scientific researchers and people with profound intuitive gifts. I welcome input from you. I would greatly appreciate information and advice about: 1) names and contact information of open-minded scientists, inventors, engineers, regenerative agriculturalists, and uncategorizable visionaries doing work with evident potential to…

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