You are invited to a book release party at Nightbird Books
On Saturday May 5th 7pm
Dear Friends,
 Please join me at Nightbird Books to celebrate the release of my new book, A Country Where All Colors Are Sacred and Alive (A Memoir of Non-Ordinary Experience and Collaboration with Nature).
 Many of us have experiences that point toward a more interconnected Reality than we normally perceive. Episodes of telepathy, spontaneous healings, confirmed intuitions, precognition, attunement to nonphysical beings, nonlocal awareness, or communion with the natural world–all these can expand our understanding of what is possible for us and remind us of an undivided spiritual dimension of ourselves.
This memoir in prose and poetry is an account of my surprising and wonderful continuing education in such experiences, which can make us more aware of that dimension of oneness.

I’ll read some true stories from the book, some of which describe events that happened here in NW Arkansas. And, I’ll invite you to share related experiences of your own.

I hope you’ll be able to attend this fun and empowering event!
For the Earth,
Geoff Oelsner