Every so often, I have to find a way to laugh at/off some crap that’s stinking up the U.S. political environment…either that or cry. I was thinking about Bob Dylan’s magnificent love song “Sara” from his 17th studio LP, “Desire,” which came out early in 1976. Well, perhaps because of the nefarious influence of the great political and social satirist Roy Zimmerman who was just recently here for the hilariously inspiring “Banjos Not Bombs” concert organized by Kelly Mulhollan and Donna Stjerna, Bob’s song “Sara” brought to mind another Sara(h), who is polluting our country with her toxic turds…oops, I mean words. So…for you curious birds who have landed on this shaky cyber-branch, here is:

1. I laid on a dune, I looked at the sky, the country was bushed, its morals were beached.

You came with McCain, we hated that guy, but if he got elected and later impeached, WE’D HAVE…

Sara(h), Sara(h), Alaskan czarina, snow-flakey ice queen
Sara(h), Sara(h), the thought of you leading us makes me turn green.

2. I can still hear them playing that old “Stars and Stripes,” see the posters and bunting all red, white, and blue

I can hear the crowd roar at your soccer mom hype; I can hear that pit bull growling inside of you.

Sara(h), Sara(h), since you left that convention you’ve roamed around rogue.
Sara(h), Sara(h), you’ve roved about outlying even Karl Christian Rove.

3. Yes I still hear the clang of those dang Baptist bells– you’re mistaken to think they’re not tolling for you.

Your God of love shoves all who sin into Hell– if Jesus returns, you’ll be totally screwed.

Sara(h), Sara(h), it’s all so clear I could never forget.
Sara(h), Sara(h), your political presence I’ll always regret.

4. Now the beach is deserted except for Michelle…Bachman and Boehner tea-partying hard.

You’re back in Alaska, trying to resell yourself…to the Republican party’s old guard.

Sara(h), Sara(h), grim grinning gramma with a license to kill.
Sara(h), Sara(h), you’re loaded for elk, oh your ilk makes me ill.

Geoff Oelsner 3/31/11
(After Bob Dylan’s “Sara.”)