Here’s a poem in the Antique Mode, which seems to invite a melody.  That melody hasn’t visited me yet– maybe it’ll visit you first.  I wrote this at a Buddhist meditation retreat on April 18 (2010) at Wattle Hollow, south of Fayetteville, led by Anna Cox, after taking a mindfulness walk in the burgeoning Spring woods there.  We had chosen ‘name tags’ randomly and I got the name “Truth.”  No lie! 
Next we were directed to write a key question on our name tags.  I closed my eyes and saw (in print much like this) the question, “How to awaken as love?”  Good question.  Then we all went out on solitary, silent walks with our particular questions in mind.  Once back from my walk with a rock I’d picked up, I found this poem had followed me back to the meditation hall and wanted to be jotted:
Truth took a walk and he didn’t go far
but he traced a route under every star.
He carried a question, “How to awaken?
How to awaken as love?”
Truth took a few steps; he was traveling light.
He kept his attention close in sight.
Heart-shaped leaves beckoned.  The Wild Violet spoke:
“The way to awaken?  If you want to awaken, just love.”
Nature is full of live parables–
the Violet roots deep in soft, sensate soil.
It points how the way down flowers upwards, and gives words:
“Root deep in the dark loam to love.”
Truth found sweetheart violets, then found a heart-stone
embedded heart-down in the pebbles and loam.
Truth heard an answer:  “Loving is how,
how you patiently waken Now and Now.”
Truth took a walk and he didn’t go far.
In a flower and stone he found his own heart.
The stone sits on my home altar, a “live parable” and a token of the weekend.  Wild Violets flower all over. 
If you ever get a chance to do a retreat with Anna Cox, I’d say go for it.  She plans to return to Wattle Hollow from her Little Rock home to do another retreat this autumn.