A three hour workshop presented by Geoff Oelsner   www.geoffoelsner.com


the Ozark Research Institute (ORI) annual Power of Thought School, Sunday, September 9, beginning at 9 am at the Clarion Inn in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Simply google Ozark Research Institute for details about the upcoming Power of Thought School, beginning Friday, September 7, 2012…amazing, mind-bending (even spoon-bending!) experientially-oriented presentations

Geoff Oelsner has lived in Fayetteville since 1979, working as clinical social worker. Experiences at the Findhorn Community in Scotland oriented him to working cooperatively with the subtle energies of Nature. His 2012 memoir, “A Country Where All Colors Are Sacred and Alive” describes experiences of spiritual attunement to Nature.

Techniques you’ll learn in this Hands-on Class:

  1. As well as practicing Dorothy’s approach (see 2), students will gain a deeper appreciation and recognition of their own unique skills and innate capacities for quieting or focusing their minds, and for practicing attunement.
  2. “The Doorway Process” of attunement, first to Spirit and then to specific subtle energies and spirits of Nature, as developed and taught by Findhorn co-founder Dorothy Maclean . This will include preliminary pointers about time-honored ways of quieting our minds so they are more receptive during attunements.
  3. Thirdly, we’ll work with and discuss David Spangler’s teachings on subtle activism, particularly effective ways of  blessing the natural world and all beings, sometimes in cooperation with nonphysical beings of goodwill.  (Note: Dorothy Maclean is one of Geoff’s spiritual friends and teachers, along with David Spangler)

We will practice several different approaches to attunement (communion) with the subtle energies and spirits of Nature, drawing from teachings developed by Findhorn Community co-founder Dorothy Maclean, and from our own unique ways of perceiving and connecting with natural energies. After attuning to selected aspects of Nature, we will bless them, using practices taught by American spiritual teacher David Spangler, who is also closely associated with Findhorn. We’ll allow ample time to share the impressions we receive during our attunements, and will reflect on our experiences of blessing.