Are you warm? Surrounded by snow-drifts? We here in NW AR are about to be hit by the blizzard that’s been plying its way through Oklahoma, sweeping east with 40 mile an hour winds and bone-numbing wind-chill factors. It’s a good time to settle back with your favorite music.

I’ve recently discovered a new favorite musician: Simone Dinnerstein is just the most amazing interpreter of J.S. Bach. A Julliard-trained pianist with a really democratic attitude toward sharing her music (she plays prisons, nursing homes, and lots of NYC public schools as a community service) she also plus burns it up in concert halls all over the world. She has a lot of fans, one of them Bob Dylan. Her new CD, “Bach, a Strange Beauty,” is worthy of the attention of anyone with big ears that like to be bathed in Bach-bliss.

It’s interesting…

Simone’s dad is a very noted realistic oil painter, Simon Dinnerstein. His images are easily found online, and they all have a lit-from-within quality– all objects and persons are rendered as events of living light and embodied energy. It’s easy to type out a few big-ass words like those just above, but the actual act of successfully conveying that sense of beingness in each unique object painted on canvas must take incredible dedication. Like father, like daughter: there’s huge fidelity and commitment in the artistic work of each.

Anyway, friends, I often think of Bach as a spiritual “world teacher” whose music endlessly inspires, but without all the unfortunate, potentially devisive superstructure of religious belief (some call it dogma)that has this nasty way of fomenting things like religious wars and persecution.

During the time that I’ve been blogsermonizing here, the rainy sleet or sleety rain has done grown feathers, and that cold cargo from the NW is now flocking and fleecing in on us here. Love to you all as we dive deeper into Winter. May music bring you comfort and heart-companionship. And, thanks for listening to the tunes of yours truly…it’s so fun to get your messages and to know that there’s intelligent life on other minds out there…yours… that I’m fortunate enough to connect with in this Online Way.