Hello, friends. Mother Earth and environmental harmony is on my mind & heart. On 7/11, at 11 am, I’ll do an entire service at the Unitarian Church in Fayetteville titled “Sacred Exchanges with Nature.” It’ll be a blend of: songs by me (with some vocal and instrumental help from Leslie Oelsner and a harmony by Renee Janski. And including singalongs for you) , poetry (by moi and the ineffable Mary Oliver), stories (I’m going to talk about a few nonordinary experiences I’ve had with the energies of Nature, and relate something about living and working at the Findhorn Community in Scotland) , & scientific findings (with special emphasis on recent remarkable experiments in which Mahendra Kumar Trivedi has demonstrated capacities to alter atomic structure, positively affect air and water quality, and increase crop yields)– all this to quicken our sense of the possibility that OUR awareness and love can improve environmental well-being. Political action is way essential, AND there’s more we can do for Gaia . Hope you can make it!