This tune emerged around 2007, along with a lengthy set of lyrics descriptive of a wild, magical time in my life:  in 1977-78 Leslie and I lived communally with several other young people in a farm house at the edge of Athens, Georgia.  A lot of nonordinary things happened there…we weren’t always in an ordinary state of mind.  At certain points, I unified with myself and the surrounding countryside in  particularly intimate and powerful ways, and this song narrates one such precious event.  That’s me on vocal,guitar, harmonicas, and shruti box (a drone instrument from India), Leslie on harmony vocals, Andrew Sieff on drums, and Kelly Mulhollan on bass and preachers’ organ.  The cut was too long and otherwise not quite matched with the rest of the other songs on my last CD.  It was one of 5 or 6 songs I recorded and eventually decided not to include on Ordinary Mystery.   Over time, I may share more of these songs here.  Enjoy!

How I Got Over – Geoff Oelsner