Joanna Harcourt-Smith interviewed me this week around the time of the publication of my new memoir, A Country Where All Colors Are Sacred and Alive.

Here’s the link, and below it, I’ve included a brief synopsis of the book’s contents:

Of course, even simpler would just be to google and find my podcast, dated
January 28,2012 Mazeltov! G.O.

Synopsis of

A Country Where All Colors Are Sacred and Alive, A Memoir
of Non-Ordinary Experience and Collaboration with Nature

by Geoffrey Oelsner, Lorian Press, 2012

Many of us have experiences that point toward a more holistic, interconnected Reality than we normally perceive. Episodes of telepathy, spontaneous healings, confirmed intuions, precognition, profound communion with the natural world, attunement to nonphysical beings, or nonlocal awareness of a distant place which proves to be accurate–all these can expand our understanding of what is possible for us and remind us of an undivided spiritual dimension of ourselves.

This memoir in prose and poetry is an account of my continuing education in such experiences, which can make us more aware of that dimension of oneness, and empower us to step forward into more conscious, collaborative relationships with the sentient energies of Nature. These sacred relationships can contribute to environmental harmony right now, and may help downscale our climatic predicament in days to come.