Toward the Marriage of Science and Intuition

Hello, friends. The Monroe Institute is a most unusual

place in Faber, Virginia, where I and many others have pursued the development of out-of-body travel, remote viewing, and other paranormal capacities. In 1998, I had an important experience there that confirmed for me the actuality of remote viewing, and brought me into contact with perhaps the single best-documented and scientifically-tested remote viewer in the world.

This experience led to my contacting that remarkable gentleman again in 2011, when I initiated a project which I call the Psi-Sci Alliance, to bring climate change scientists together with extraordinarily gifted
intuitives in the service of refining present research and generating new approaches which might contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

I tell the story of all this in my book, A Country Where All Colors Are Sacred and Alive, a Memoir of Non-Ordinary Experience and Collaboration with Nature, and it’s been excerpted in an article in the Monroe Insititute’s latest newsletter, the Hub, which you can find at this link: