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  Before I tell you about my visit to the Land Institute and my brief meeting with Wendell Berry there, let’s go directly to a poem by that great Kentucky farmer-poet-novelist-essayist-and untiring champion of the Common Good: The Peace of Wild Things When despair for the world grows in me and I wake in the […]

  Triplets (3 line poems written at Walnut Valley Bluegrass Music Festival, Winfield, KS, 9/13-17/00)   9/13 (Daybreak on the midway)   Farm boy trudges dusty midway, eyes hidden under yellow hat-brim.   8 A.M– the Colorado bluegrass boys pick each note alert to earth-heart.   Wind wafts whiffs of hot coffee, and bacon frying […]

I added a few verses to this old gospel number from John’s Island, SC,  then the drone of a shruti box from India, then dubbed in multiple harmonicas (thanks for recording me, Mr. Kelly Mulhollan!) and jazz drummer Andrew Sieff added drums, and Mark Warren drew from archival film footage to create this video, and […]

I’m going to begin excerpting some little bite-sized passages from my new book, A Country Where All Colors Are Sacred and Alive (available from my publisher Lorian Press, from, and in Fayetteville at Nightbird books). This won’t be a serialization, but a gradual collaging of various accounts of non-ordinary experiences, including some that relate […]

Joanna Harcourt-Smith interviewed me this week around the time of the publication of my new memoir, A Country Where All Colors Are Sacred and Alive. Here’s the link, and below it, I’ve included a brief synopsis of the book’s contents: Of course, even simpler would just be to google and find my podcast, […]

Lorian Press has just published my new book, A Country Where All Colors Are Sacred and Alive, A Memoir of Non-Ordinary Experience and Collaboration with Nature I’d like to share with you some appreciations by some leading authors and spiritual teachers from 4 distinctly different circles of people that I’m very much a part of, […]

Ox Cart Productions and the Music on the Mountain singer/songwriter series presents: A Free December 6 concert by Geoff Oelsner and Harmonia. There’s a lot to listen to and like as Geoff takes the stage with original songs, singalongs, and covers. As a special musical bonus, he’ll be accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Kelly Mulhollan and bassist […]

CHANGING HANDS Heading past Green Giant corn mills on Hwy 13 Toward Wahpeton, he squints at the sun and says: Nope, I don’t think they do anything these days With hogs or cattle. No prize pheasants either. The big barn with its ribbed roof and steel braces Slouches now beside the silo that has a […]

Ox Cart productions and the Music on the Mountain monthly singer/songwriter series rolls into December with a concert by Geoff Oelsner and Friends in Parker Hall at the Mount Sequoyah Conference and Retreat Center, on Tuesday, December 6, 7-9 pm. This event is free of charge. Parking’s also free. There’s a lot to listen to […]

Hi friends. I’ve been reading a wonderful recent book by Rob Young, Electric Eden: Unearthing Britain’s Visionary Music. Singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega described it as being “about the mythic roots of folk music originating in the UK.” Anyway, reading in Young’s book about well-known and loved artists like the Incredible String Band, and about musicians I […]

More true stories of experiences which point toward the possibilities of Spirit and connectedness…(from a book-in-progress) “Christic Cup” (2010) I visit my devout Christian friend Gloria Okes Perkins in Springdale to discuss and appreciate poems from her new book After Eden, and also to request her to pray with me that I might receive the […]

It’s early April, and I drive up to Kansas City through the gathering greens to attend a family financial pow-wow. Before leaving, I go through my mail and leave just a very short stack of items to be given further attention on return. One of these items is an invitation to a Buddhist Dzogchen meditation […]

Every so often, I have to find a way to laugh at/off some crap that’s stinking up the U.S. political environment…either that or cry. I was thinking about Bob Dylan’s magnificent love song “Sara” from his 17th studio LP, “Desire,” which came out early in 1976. Well, perhaps because of the nefarious influence of the […]

On March 17 from 7-9 pm, Leslie and I will present a combined concert & workshop at the Fayetteville 2011 Goddess Festival, entitled “Sacred Exchanges with Nature” Mother Earth continually showers & snows us with Her grace & beauty; this participatory event is intended to empower us to offer nurturing love & blessings back to […]

Are you warm? Surrounded by snow-drifts? We here in NW AR are about to be hit by the blizzard that’s been plying its way through Oklahoma, sweeping east with 40 mile an hour winds and bone-numbing wind-chill factors. It’s a good time to settle back with your favorite music. I’ve recently discovered a new favorite […]

I’ve been a stranger to these pages. Am recuperating from the worst illness of my life. Am now finally in a joyous, feeling-new-inside phase, not without its own difficulties, but they’re greatly outweighed by a sense of fondness, freshness, and gratitude. So, the below…seen from my kitchen window 2 days ago: Cardinals sentinals in vestibules […]

My friend Jeff Jentz is a great North Dakota poet, now living with his wife Karen in Shiprock, New Mexico on Navaho land. His poems are deeply informed and inspired by his Baha’i faith and his visionary nature. Here are three: The Bird Nest 1. How each brilliant feather intertwines down a robin’s breast. The […]

2004, (age 55) Precognitive Dream: “Two Vehicles,  Bumper to Bumper,  Abandoned by Two Women Drivers” I’m considering a trip to California, and as I usually do before making plane reservations and other actual plans,  I seek guidance about the rightness of the timing.  I fall asleep and dream I’m driving on a freeway in a […]

(age 26) 1975:  On a bus from Oxford to London with my wife.  I’m feeling wretched because we’ve just fought.  She, quiet and forlorn.  Suddenly, I’m enveloped in glory and Light.  Nothing subtle, it is full-out beatitude, and I intuitively know it ‘s been activated in me by an outside source.  And I further know […]

I sang shadowy songs, including this brief version of “Tom O’Bedlam’s Song” recorded by Jacqui Froelich for a KUAF radio Ozarks at Large feature story, at Joy Caffrey and Amy Eversole’s wonderful photography exhibit at Arsagas’ Crossover Cafe. The exhibit was called “Me and My Shadow.” It came springing up out of preparations for a […]

Winter Hymn at Tara – Geoff Oelsner Yeat’s Lake Isle of Innisfree – Geoff Oelsner To download the entire podcast performance click here.

It’s that very two-way exchange of natural beauty and inspiration flooding forth to us from Mother Earth, and love and appreciation flowing back out from us to Her, that I want to celebrate in song and poetry here. Since I was 13 years old, and was way changed for the better by 6 weeks in the Rocky Mountains at a wonderful summer camp, I’ve been making songs and poems for myself and other people, certainly, but also very much to express my love for Her, for Gaia.

Hello, friends. Mother Earth and environmental harmony is on my mind & heart. On 7/11, at 11 am, I’ll do an entire service at the Unitarian Church in Fayetteville titled “Sacred Exchanges with Nature.” It’ll be a blend of: songs by me (with some vocal and instrumental help from Leslie Oelsner and a harmony by […]

This tune emerged around 2007, along with a lengthy set of lyrics descriptive of a wild, magical time in my life:  in 1977-78 Leslie and I lived communally with several other young people in a farm house at the edge of Athens, Georgia.  A lot of nonordinary things happened there…we weren’t always in an ordinary state […]

Here’s a poem in the Antique Mode, which seems to invite a melody.  That melody hasn’t visited me yet– maybe it’ll visit you first.  I wrote this at a Buddhist meditation retreat on April 18 (2010) at Wattle Hollow, south of Fayetteville, led by Anna Cox, after taking a mindfulness walk in the burgeoning Spring […]